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The Global Goals Book, is a curriculum authored by a global team of instructional designers with rich backgrounds in classroom instruction, educational leadership, educational research, and committed work in the areas of social good, science, arts, technology, and literacy, as a resource for programs in the Innovation Lab Schools to be available for all, by all, everywhere around the world.


With the faith on Global Education and that acting together, Innovation Lab Schools, the Global Goals Book, and with teachers and students around the world, will lead us to achieve a more peaceful and sustainable future.

Let’s begin.

The Global Goals Book is the beginning. We invite you and your students to now begin the work. To download the book in Hebrew press here.

In 2019 we run The Global Goals Project for the first time and 5 Primary Schools joined the project this year: Gordon School,  Netzah Israel,  Shifer School, Waitzman and Yesodot School.

The schools involved in the project planned a community event on March 23 at the central square in the city with more than 500 participants. Unfortunately the event was canceled due to COVID 19.


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